Your business runs on technology, make sure you have the best.

Our goal is to build amazing solutions that break down barriers encountered by today's businesses, drawing on extensive experience with customers in a broad range of industries.


A Northern Ontario Software Engineering company that provides a full range of services as well as proprietary product solutions for businesses and consumers.

We are able to offer a full line of development experience, complimented by enhanced services in the areas of Custom Software Product Development, Network Infrastructure Design and Maintenance, Custom Programming and Software Support.

Go beyond the capabilities of your current software and create something better.

Our Services

Tap into the power of field service management, work order distribution and dispatch, fleet management, human resource administration, inventory control, and more!

Software & App Development

We believe the right software is the one that far surpases your expectations, bringing your business to the next level and propelling you ahead of the competition.

  • Intuitive and Scalable
  • Interconnected Environment
  • Create Opportunities for Growth
  • Powerful Reporting
  • Mobile Development
  • UI/UX Design

Custom Programming

Create integrate and innovate with something custom built for the way you do business now. A custom solution gives you the power to scale as you as you grow.

  • Reporting & Analysis
  • Digitize Processes
  • Automate Recurring Tasks
  • Productive Automation
  • Complex Integrations
  • Legacy System Migration

Network Design & Maintenance

Building and maintaining a secure, reliable and clean network environment is a critical aspect of the information technology systems that your business relies on.

  • Design & Implementation
  • Resonate with Business Goals
  • Analysis & Consulting
  • Take Care of Valuable Data
  • Enterprise Production
  • Upgrade Legacy Systems

We have fun doing what we do, and we enjoy finding innovative and efficient solutions to any challenge.

CrewStorm ERP Suite

Our fully loaded enterprise management solution with a modular-based platform design, one that can be molded to suit your business needs.

CS People

Human Resource & Administration

Your people are your greatest asset. Keep your HR administration organized, accurate and engaging with our fully-customizable HR Module. From recruitment to performance management and attendance to health & safety, we’ve got you covered.

  • Records management, attendance tracking and scheduling.
  • Training with comprehensive learning management system.
  • GPS-enabled automated timesheets and SafetyCheckIN.
  • Health & safety management with digital reporting.

CS Jobs

Work Orders & Management

A powerful work order management tool, configured to match the way you do business now and intuitively designed to help you improve as you grow. Maintain field crew visibility with live job progress and GPS tracking, improve route effectiveness and work order distribution.

  • Mobile app with daily job assignments and support tools.
  • Quality control with live picture review & completion criteria.
  • Job assignment based on geography, skill, language, etc.
  • Scalable infrastructure built on the Microsoft Azure platform.

CS Customers

Customer Service & Sales

Turn customer relationships into sales with this fully featured customer relationship management module. Manage the entire customer lifecycle and never miss a beat by increasing churn rates and customer retention while utilizing customized reports.

  • Fully customizable dashboards and reports.
  • Import call lists and control do not call lists.
  • Track return on marketing campaign investments.
  • Review agent performance and identify bottlenecks.

CS Fleet

Fleet Inventory & Maintenance

Monitor the status and position of your vehicles in real-time using GPS technology, ensuring you get the most out of every roll. Manage your drivers and match them with vehicles while maintaining full visibility on your assets.

  • Schedule and record vehicle maintenance digitally.
  • Analyze vehicle performance, trends and consumption patterns.
  • Manage vehicle and driver assignments and usage.
  • Perform inspections with photos using customized checklists.

CS Inventory

Inventory & Shipping

Control the flow of your inventory and maintain clear visibility of your stock across all stages of your supply chain. Accuracy is key, and this module has the power to keep your inventory and assets organized.

  • Track stock, equipment, supplies, assets and parts.
  • Easily transfer between users, buildings, and vehicles.
  • Manage consumable stock, office supplies and technology assets
  • Maintain inventory aging processes and stock level limits.

CS Finance

Finance & Payroll

Simplify the job site by tracking employee payroll, expenses, and costs in real time on mobile devices. Use digital reporting to keep track of job costing.

  • Use predefined pay codes to easily associate costs.
  • Keep track of expenses for each job site.
  • Record employee time sheets using a built-in time clock.
  • Compare money-in vs money-out on a per job basis.